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Presentation of the project

Presentation of the project

The Bateau-Lavoir

The "Bateau-Lavoir" was the most famous place for artistic creation in Montmartre. From 1889, it was principally known as an artist’s residence: a place to live and discuss for many painters, writers, actors and art sellers. Pablo Picasso developed the basis of the cubism movement and created “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” there but it was also the home and workplace of Kees Van Dongen, Juan Gris, Max Jacob and Modigliani. Since the fire in 1970, all that remains to recall this historical location is a shopfront on the Emile Goudeau place, 13 Ravignan street..


In February 2015, the Museum of Montmartre launched a call for projects to renew this shopfront, witness of the artistic effervescence of Montmartre at the turn of the 20th century. Atelier 1:1 gained the project and created an innovative scenography that illustrates the legacy of this place.

Discover an innovative scenography, inspired by shadows theater, highlighting the history of this place through a playfull and educational device.

The design team

The design team

Atelier 1:1

Created in 2014, ‘L’atelier 1 :1’ groups 3 associates with backgrounds in architecture and artistic production. The founding members, Henry Flouzat, Clara Lamerre et Léa Lamerre, chose the term ‘atelier’ which means workshop as it regroups several ideas: a place of work of an artisan or workman, teamwork around a common theme, learning and achieving through exchange and collaboration. This dialogue is non-hierarchical, allowing a horizontal work structure. A workshop is a geometric structure constructed to integrate and unite different people and expertise. It is a space of collaboration between professionals with different skills necessary to complete a project.


In able to complete this Bateau-Lavoir shopfront project, ‘l’atelier 1:1’ worked with the skills of illustrator Erwann Terrier, interactive designer Patrick Suchet and exhibition technician Pascal Baillot.





Où voir le Bateau-Lavoir ?

13 Emile Goudeau place
75018 PARIS


Metro : Abbesses (Line 12)
Montmartrobus : Abbesses stop